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Classical Text Editor is a professional word processor tool
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Johan Rosh The idea is great but there are points that wicks this software. In Hebrew the graphical confusion begins when you use vowels: some of them are placed out of the consonant or circles appears evolving the consonant. This is surpassed if one copies and paste to other editor and there all appears clear. Also, for the writers from the right to left, in the systems the other-way-around, one can observe after to write something that the pointer stays in the right prepared to write to left and in this point there appear lot of problems.
This way, I conclude that the problems are generated because this editor includes many languages with a great variety of alphabets and, even, syllabaries.
Anyway and deeply, I want to thank the creator and developer of this software because is free...? Yes! But above at all for both: free and quasi-perfecto.

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